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No Metal Detectors in Fayette County Public Schools

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       On November 21st,  the Fayette County Public School system intends to implement random metal detector checks in all 5 of our public schools because of 3 incidents in the past 12 days of loaded guns found on the Tates Creek High School campus. However, Tates Creek's Principle, Sam Meaux, claims in all instances the students had no intention of using the weapons on school property and that they all had the weapons because they did not feel safe getting to and from school because of outside things going on in the neighborhoods they live in. The last student caught with a gun was just yesterday.

  Lexington Police picked up the student for truancy in a neighborhood near Tates Creek High School (so he was not on school property at the time). Because of the last 2 incidents Tates Creek has begun protocol of searching any student whom the Lexington police bring on campus. So they searched him and discovered the loaded firearm.

    Which is why Superintendent Caulk is doing what he is doing. He is trying to keep us safe, and I respect and understand that completely. But there have to be other options that do not infringe upon the rights of the students right to a free education undisturbed to enlighten their minds, become good people, and citizens. I plan to speak to Superintendent Caulk to discuss how he plans to implement this into our school system, why our vocational schools are not included when multiple schools from multiple counties attend at them (including Tates Creek High School students), and maybe discuss alternatives, like building a staff that students can feel comfortable enough with to report a weapon if seen, or reaching out to parents and starting in the home. Have them conduct the thorough search before they leave for school. Let our Police department do their job as well and try to find whats responsible for making these students feel they had to carry a gun for protection just to go to school.

     We may agree to disagree, but I know you do not want your rights infringed upon at anytime. So that is why I ask you to sign my petition. To help not only the uncomfortable presence something like that creates in schools, but to further advance in being able to detect weapons in our schools without metal detectors to create a safe and pleasant school environment.


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