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Continuing health menace of Cut-flower (floriculture) exporters in Pifo, Quito-Ecuador.

Since my complaints in year 2016 and 2017, to the Municipal Secretary Department of Environment of the Metropolitan District of Quito, the UPMA (Police for the environment), the Ministry of Environment, and the Attorney General department (cases to protect people) in Quito, Ecuador, about a flower exporter company named Flores del Valle Cia. Ltda. (changed to Flores del Valle S.A. in 2016) aka as Valleflor, based in the parish of Pifo and Puembo in the province of Pichincha, capital city of Quito in Ecuador, and which has its business at approximately 100 ft. (30 meters) from my house where I live (purchased in January of 2014), none of these governmental agencies/institutions/ministries/entities, have been able to stop and close down this business, even though documented inspections by the Municipal Secretary Department of Environment in year 2014, confirmed that Flores del Valle (Valleflor) had an expired business permit (22/11/2013) and had been contaminating soil, not complying with environmental laws, and using Dithane. According to an employee of Flores del Valle Cia. Ltda., in year 2006, when Paco Moncayo Gallegos was the Mayor of Quito (2 terms: from year 2000 to 2009), is when Flores del Valle added more land to grow 'summer flowers', growing closer to where people lived. The house I live in was built in 1980 and many other houses have been built BEFORE this harmful company arrived with its harmful environmental impact on people, animals, air, water, and soil in the year 2000. So, what should I and many of my neighbors do?....wait for some DECENT people to run all of the governmental agencies/institutions/ministries/entities I mentioned above, and stop doing what is wrongfully wrong, and do what is RIGHT.

Written on Sunday, March 17, 2019 by me, Edwige Marie Christine Ortega, U.S.A. citizen and resident in Ecuador.