Most COVID-19 infected people are cured or showed improvements using this herbal formula!

Most COVID-19 infected people are cured or showed improvements using this herbal formula!

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James Chung
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What if there is actual cure that has little to no side effects for COVID-19?  And what if, this actual treatment has been largely ignored in the heap of governmental bureaucracies and biases of medical industry dominated by powerful pharmaceutical companies? If there is an actual cure, not just vaccine, do we really need to shut down our economy, churches, and the schools? 

A group of Eastern Medical practitioners from the U.S. and South Korea, headed by a world-renown acupuncture herbalist doctor, a U.S. citizen, Youn Koo Chung, developed a herbal supplement that is made with 100% herbs that work well for people who are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.  It already saved a lot of people.

We are petitioning for the fact that there is a herbal supplement that can cure people who are suffering from the symptoms associated with COVID-19.  The vaccine is not the answer, and most people know that.  We need actual cure, and we have it.  Since it's not a drug, it's almost impossible to be accepted through standard medical practices or authorities who largely ignores Eastern medical options.

They have been distributing the herbal supplement at no cost to the infected patients who are left with no treatment, but they are running out of their resources, and hope to reach out to more people.  And they believe that the government should pay attention and give them a fair chance for their voice to be heard and check the validity of this herbal supplement to see if this really works.  The result can be proven for less than a week.

Right now, people are told to stay home even after they tested positive due to a lack of hospital admission capacity.  And many elderly who are in nursing homes are infected and dying as we speak without actual cure.  The herbal supplement works well for the elderly as well.  We must have the government take a serious look at this herbal supplement immediately, and save people- someone who could be a son, a daughter, a dad, a mom, a grandfather, or a grandmother to someone.  We need your help, so we can help more people.  Please sign the petition and share the link with a sense of urgency.  Thank you.