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Sign to leave the name Christmas alone.

Ya know im about sick of people calling CHRISTMAS "The Holidays" or what ever stupid word they can come up with. Its Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Christ. If Christ offends you thats your stupidity. I dont stick my nose in your celebrations trying to change there names and meanings. So quit trying to change mine! So lets say you make it so we say holidays instead. What are you going to tell someone that asks why we celebrate the holidays? Are you going to leave Christ out of it? Grow up. I dont care or force you to believe or say or call something something else SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME! It offends me that you are trying to make people change the name of something you obviously dont believe in or celebrate! Because if you did then you would know why the name is what it is and leave it alone! ... ITS CALLED CHRISTMAS!

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  • People that want to change the name Christmas or not say it at all.

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