deport Chinese student that tortured and killed an Australian animal

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Zhenbo Gao, 24, admitted to stalking Australia's native wildlife, capturing lizards, petting possums and chasing koalas before throwing the echidna to its death at Griffith University's Nathan campus in May 2018.

He was hunting for lizards when he came across an adult echidna hiding in a bush, the court was told.

He picked it up before dropping the struggling animal, which then rolled itself into a ball under a ramp and buried itself in the dirt to hide.

Gao threw rocks the size of a football to force the animal into the open before tossing it from the bridge to see if it could survive.

An autopsy report revealed the "terrified" echidna suffered significant pain and died from blunt force trauma.

Gao told RSPCA inspectors he had never seen an echidna before and was "curious", so threw the animal from the second-storey height to see if it would handle the fall.

He claimed he never intended to kill the animal, but wanted to take it home and study it.