Strict rules and laws against rapes

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  • Women's safety is most important thing which needs government attention. No female in India is safe. There are so many cases coming up of rapes in the country. Recently an 8 year old girl was gang raped for many days that's so depressing! Nothing will change if we don't change. What we need is powerful rules and laws against rapes. Why Indian judiciary takes so many days to take a decision on such thing too? We call ourselves as a fast developing nation? What kind of nation is this where women doesn't feel safe? Most of the country people feels that delhi isn't safe. How shameful Is that that most of the people don't feel indian capital safe? Just expecting that people will change their mentality and rape cases will decrease? No that will not happen! We need very powerful rules/laws against this thing asap. Earlier Nirbhaya and now after her this innocent girl asifa and many more like her, when this thing will be going to stop? Our judiciary and our government everyone has failed. 
  • It's my request to everyone that nothing will going to happen just by putting your stories or status against it, we being a part of young and future india needs to come up with a solution. We really need to fight for this thing. We can't call our India as nation if we can't provide a basic thing which Is women's safety! Shame on us. 
  • Political parties, media no one is doing anything, just going on with their shitty debates! We really need justice for asifa but the most important thing is we need a proper and powerful law against rapes. We don't want a girl being raped and after that we requesting for justice! We want so much strictness and security that no one will dare to even think about rapes. 
  • Stop coming up with your religion and culture. What kind of religion you're hiding behind if your own sisters, mothers, wife doesn't feel safe! 
  • Just come out from reservations, politics, religions and every worthless topic and stand and fight for this act to put fullstop against rapes.