People should take a civics test before voting for government officials.

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I am a young citizen of the United States; during this last election, I had a better understanding of the government and became fascinated with politics. I knew most people were voting for one side or another with no true understanding of why they were voting for them. Many U.S. citizens do not know the basic history of our nation or our constitution. I feel people should be tested on their knowledge of government before they get registered to vote. 

So many people in our society take things for granted including our government. Our political parties are so different from what they once were and they are still changing to this day. I also believe that our school system is failing to teach kids the non-biased way to learn/teach about history and our government. If we can change the way kids are taught in schools about our nation's government then they will be better prepared for voting in the future. Even voters today that already were registered should be tested on their knowledge of the US. When John Adams and Thomas Jefferson ran for president in 1796 they both clearly stated what they believed was the best options for our country. 

Today politicians will tell people what they want to hear but don't often live up to what they promised. If we test the people of the US and better educate them then they are less likely to vote for someone out of emotions instead of knowledge.