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Stop the Unnecessary Testing of Cosmetics on Animals

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A couple of decades ago many people were outraged to find that their cosmetics were being tested on animals, and many people who have done research, avoided the companies that tested, signed petitions, gave money to animal welfare groups, contacted politicans, wrote to cosmetics companies, went on marches, and have tried to buy non animal tested cosmetics to show where they wanted their money to go. This eventually led to a European law in 1993 that would ban animal testing, and the selling of animal tested cosmetics in the EU. The law has listed three parts to ensure only cruelty free cosmetics will be sold in Europe, the first part, no finished products could be tested on animals. This isn't enough because if you just ban finished cosmetics testing, you could still test ingredients on animals. This lead to the second part stating that even ingredients can't be tested on animals. But this still leaves a loophole, because companies could get testing done in other parts of the world, and non-EU companies that test on animals can still sell their products in Europe. Leading to the third part of the law that states, no marketing or selling of animal tested cosmetics anywhere in Europe. As of now the two parts of the law are in force for the EU.

However, thanks to the Chinese economy on the brink of becoming the next world superpower, it will be harder for people outside of China to buy products that are 100% cruelty free. Because more makeup companies that are cruelty free are expanding into the Chinese market where animal testing is mandatory. Also, mandatory testing on cosmetics has given companies who have always tested an excuse to continue testing on animals outside of Europe. While some of us understand that Estee Lauder and their companies moved into China because they're a big business. What really shocked people was the choice to move into China made by well known cruelty free brand, Urban Decay. On top of that there's a chance that the third part of the EU law might pass and cosmetics that are based and/or sell in Europe will have to move out of China, or run out of bussiness in Europe. Knowing about China's growing middle class, and becoming the next world superpower. We personally feel that if the Chinese want to use toiletries, skincare,or makeup made outside of China and still have their products sold in Europe by 2013, its time to make the mandatory animal testing law history. While not everyone can be 100% cruelty free we can stand against this law. Because we feel that animal testing is backwards, uneeded, and cruel.

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