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Plea for Peace and Prevention of a Nuclear War

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 photo: A Japanese baby sits crying in the rubble left by the explosion in Hiroshima of the world's first atomic bomb, on August 6, 1945. Credit: Getty Images

We stand on the delicate brink of Nuclear War, or “the calm before the storm” as President Trump alluded to yesterday, in a conference with military officials. [1]

 Therefore it is imperative that We The People of the United States of America make it clear IMMEDIATELY that We Do Not Want A Nuclear War, and Do Not Wish to Agitate relations with North Korea (Pyongyang) or Iran. 


 We need more allies and less enemies, so please sign, share and post this petition if you agree that our President’s threats to “totally destroy North Korea”[3], a country consisting of over 25 million civilians, is completely unacceptable and jeopardizes the safety of the American People. 

 In no way does this petition imply that North Korea’s threats towards the United States of America are acceptable, but it does imply that a mission of diplomacy is the only answer for peace between two nations. 

 Never in history has violent threats against violent threats led to Peace or Resolution. Therefore it is imperative that President Trump recognize that his dangerous rhetoric towards North Korea, and threats to disassemble the Nuclear Peace Deal with Iran (otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)) puts American Lives in Dire Risk-- instead of securing our safety as our Commander in Chief is elected to do.

In regards to the Iran Nuclear Peace Deal (JCPOA), President Trump is threatening to undo a successful pact that is preventing the development of nuclear arms in Iran. Since negotiated in 2015, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been closely monitoring Iran's nuclear facilities and ensuring that their nuclear matter is used for energy, and not the creation of nuclear arms. Iran has made drastic efforts to abide to this pact, including shutting down 75% of their Nuclear Facilities, as well as reducing their Uranium stockpile by 98% over the next 15 years of the Agreement.

 However it is also included in the deal, that The U.S President must certify every 90 days that Iran is in compliance. October 15th is the next deadline, and President Trump has made it clear, against the opinions of his Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State, that he does not support the Iran deal and is likely to undermine it. Undermining this agreement, or dismantling it, as Trump has alluded to doing, is not only senseless because the JCPOA is successfully preventing Iran from the development of a Nuclear Weapon, but also dangerous because the sooner the pact is broken, the more Uranium and nuclear matter Iran is left with at their disposal. Please sign this Petition if You Agree We Should Uphold the Iran Nuclear Deal as long as Iran stays in compliance with the deal, as they have done. 


Tell Trump and Congress #WeWantPeace, and sign/share/post this petition if you agree:


  • Diplomacy is the only acceptable approach towards maintaining Peaceful relations
  • It is not in the best interest of the American people to continue aggressive threats towards North Korea (Pyongyang), or Iran. 
  • We should not undermine the Iran Nuclear Peace Deal as long as Iran continues in compliance

Sign this petition to tell President Trump and Congress, that We Are Paying Attention and We Do NOT Support starting a War with Iran or North Korea.


[1] (video clip included)



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