Drop the Lion Dance with Tutu Performance for Chingay!

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Stop the insult: lion dance should never wear tutu!

On 11 December 2020, Lianhe Wanbao published a video showing preparations of Lion Dance segment in Chingay 2021(consisting of females wearing tutus), performing their routines in a pre-recorded video.

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Now, had it been another subject put in the hot seat, I would have ignored it and scrolled past. But, on 11 December when the video was published, my eyes snagged on the 3-min video clip.

What travesty is this, the very act of wearing tutus under the lion dance costume which is considered a second skin to us who are members of Singapore's finest lion dance troupes! What audacity does one have to possess in order to mar the very fabric of Chinese cultural performance in the name of creativity?

I am not saying it is an insult because it is an all-female troupe. I accept and even welcome that because I acknowledge that Singapore is an inclusive and diverse society. The world of lion dancing would be better off with an injection of youth, but what I witnessed was an act that would sabotage lion dance in Singapore. 

As lion dance performers, we are proud of our costume. Therefore, it is not appropriate to have another costume from a vastly unrelated and unequal realm worn under the lion dance costume. I believe that the Chingay parades we have is to showcase our diverse cultural identities instead of destroying a cultural image in the name of creativity. There is a fine line between pushing the boundaries of the art form, and preserving its artistic integrity and traditions.

I simply reject this, and I call upon executive committee to drop this lion dance in tutu performance off Chingay 2021. 

Thank you. 

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