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A civil society meeting was held earlier to discuss increasing extremism and its impact on the public, starting with the 21-day Faizabad sit-in and to review its aftermath. The sit-in by the violent extremist group Tehreek-e-Labbaik and the clash with the police during the police operation resulted in killings of policemen, common citizens and more than 250 people were also injured.

The protests were called off after a deal was struck with Tehreek-e-Labbaik facilitated by the army. An agreement was reached with Tehreek-e-Labbaik through which the government was made to agree to release all the protesters and dismiss all charges against them. It was also made responsibility of the government to compensate all losses incurred to public property due to the violence caused by the protesters. The agreement bore signatures of Major General Faiz Hamid on behalf of the army. In addition to the favorable agreement for the extremist groups, a further display of generosity by our security forces was made by handing over Rs1,000 each to the protesters.

The People’s Resistance against Extremism and Impunity (PRAEI) condemns the unconstitutional means through which Faizabad agreement was reached. In view of the above, the PRAEI demands that:

·         The charter and details of the Faizabad Deal must be revealed in full. What are the terms and conditions agreed to non-democratic actors on behalf of Pakistani citizens? A parliamentary committee should be set up to investigate.

·         Due process and full and transparent justice must be served in accordance with the demands of the families of the APS victims and other affecters of terrorism.

·         All deals made by government and the state including Faizabad, Saudi-led coalitions, and CPEC deal must be revealed and the impact on human rights, environment and future of citizen rights must be publicized and debated at all forums without accusations of being anti-Pakistan. Right to Information is a fundamental and constitutional right.

·         There must be an immediate end to enforced disappearances of activists in fake cases of terrorism. Fair trial must be ensured and enforced disappearances must be criminalized in order to meet the goals/objectives set in the international conventions ratified by Pakistan. Extrajudicial killings should be discontinued/criminalised altogether. The recent cases, including Naqeebullah and Intezar among others, are cases in point.

  • ·         Parliament is sovereign and any violent, threatening attack by state and non-state actors on its law-making and decision-making process must be resisted.
  • ·         Civilian governments must be allowed to complete their full democratic terms and senate and general elections must be held on time.
  • ·         Land grabbing and terrorizing the tenants should be stopped forthwith particularly in Sindh. The activists working on land rights of the marginalized communities have been killed as Perween Rehman.
  • ·         No institution is above accountability including military and judiciary. Both houses of parliament should legislate and promulgate laws to ensure it.
  • ·         Civil/military relationship should improve through constant dialogue.
  • ·         There should be a paradigm shift to make Pakistan a welfare state from the security state.
  • ·         Relations should be improved with all neighboring states to promote peace in the region.

1.      The PRAEI strongly condemns the glorification of Mashal Khan’s tormenters by religious parties as Jamat-i-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Fazl (JUI-F)


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