Remember!! There is No Planet "B"!!

Remember!! There is No Planet "B"!!

5 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Deepshikha Jain

Hi, Don't you think that Humans too became endangered as the animals in their own Homes (Forests)??

The Issue of Global Warming is rising daily by the Environment itself. But We as "The Most Intelligent Spices on the Earth" are just watching it like a Regular News.

Climatic Suicide is occured just to aware us that "If you didn't change, nature itself diminished".

Firstly, Amazon Rainforests is set to fire in 2019. About 9060 square km area is burnt. Agriculture is most affected by this.

Now, Australian Bushfires burn more than a land of Amazon fires. 1000s of animals are burnt. 100s of people affected by the gaseous releases. The Kangaroos are at verge of extinction.

Well...!! We are busy in solving our own issues more than a Social Issue. Until, It doesn't become personal, it doesn't affect a Person too. Don't Wait for a Cruel Days to come.

Let's Start From Ourselves...!!

Things to be Done on Personal Basis:-

1. Switch off the Lights before leaving the home.

2. Use less Plastic as possible.

3. Use less Hot water using electricity.Use of Renewable Energy Sources as much as possible. 

4. LED light bulbs over fluorescent and CFL bulbs.

5. Walk More, Less Drive...!!

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Be The Change...!!

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Signatures: 43Next Goal: 50
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