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Poverty in the Philippines

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Poverty is the main issue in the Philippines.. but why? Philippine is one of the poorest country in the word,  poverty has many possible reasons why this happens in a country.

  1.  Over population
  2.  Corruption
  3.  Low salary
  4.  Buried in debt
  5.  Greedy
  6.  Lack of discipline
  7.  Education

Over population

because of the over population many people does not given a chance to work. because of this you can not find a job right away. many people do work on the streets because their not given a chance to work because there's no slot to them to work. However most people have no ambition in life there's just on streets or do nothing.


It is the fact that the Philippines is one of the worst governments in the country because of our government officials.

Low Salary

Philippine has the lowest wage, because of our government officials and because of the contractualization in the Philippines and low tax. I think why the Philippine has the lowest wages because of our low productivity.

Buried in debt

Many Filipino believe that is okay to loan. they just hoping to others to have a money for their everyday lives.

How to resolve poverty

How to end poverty in our country? Can we dictate the Philippine islands to have fear in God? Should we go to the streets and shout night and day to the Malacañang Palace they need to become God-fearing? Or shall we teach ourselves to have fear in God? The Philippines are made of Filipinos. Hence, if we want to end poverty in the Philippines, we need to end poverty in all the Filipinos. And who is the nearest Filipino from you? Isn’t it yourself? Therefore, to end poverty in our country, we must start ending our own poverty  we must start to have fear in God within ourselves.


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