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National poverty seems to be a never-ending problem in our country, and one of the major causes and perhaps the main cause of this problem is corruption. Yes, corruption is happening all over the world, but the corruption in the Philippines is on a high level.

- Stop corruption of public information. Corruption in the government would be minimized if there will be transparency and fairness in our public reports and records.

- Stop corruption of health and nutrition. If people have a healthy mind, body, and tummy, they would have better ways of thinking and living. But with an empty stomach and having a sick family member who cannot afford a doctor, a person could resort to committing a crime.

- Stop corruption of education. The lack of knowledge can narrow people’s decisions. Hence, our government should intensify education in our country for all levels.

-Stop corruption of our laborers. There should be an adequate wage hike for all workers, whether they are in the public or in the private sector.

- Stop corruption of our natural resources. The DENR, Department of Tourism, local government units, private companies, and all of us should help each other in protecting our environment.-

Stop corruption of law and justice. Everyone should respect the law, whether it’s about plunder, theft, murder, or simply jaywalking. There are many corrupt people in our country because there are many Filipinos who don’t honor our law.

-Stop corruption of your vote. Finally, if we want to stop corrupt political leaders in our country, we must stop from making corrupted votes. A single corrupted vote can give birth to a corrupt leader. Therefore, we have to protect our vote from any corruption. We have to protect it from ignorance and the lust for money.

If we want to stop corruption in the Philppines, we should stop all corruptions that are happening inside the Philippines. We should fight all the corrupt Filipinos, whether they are politicians or they are just simply ourselves. Our country needs your love, whether you're the President of the Philippines or simply an ordinary civilian trying to make a simple living.


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