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Personal Challenges That College Goers Face In Their Life

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College is an important part in the life of every individual as it is the one that makes or breaks the career of a person. A college life is filled with a lot of challenges and opportunities for a person. It is the ability of individuals to tackle these challenges and use these wonderful opportunities during the time in the college makes the difference between a winner and a loser. Some of the largest problems that one faces in the college are cultural shock, behavioral shock, inability to manage time, managing the relationships, finding the balance between the work, study and family. Cultural shock is the sudden bombardment of new and seemingly alien cultural values and beliefs on the people. Behavioral shock is the reaction that one gives to the new behaviors of people.

With a lot of new things ranging from assignments to group discussions, presentations to seminars one might not be able to juggle with all these things and might stuck be at the crossroads without knowing how well to manage their time for all these things. This inability to manage time will be faced by many during their college days and hence this will have a lot of overflow effect on a number of other attributes in their lives. For example one may not be able to give proper attention and time for their family members which might create a rift in their relationships. Also college is the time when most people meet their life partners but when the people are unable to manage their times in other things it will be increasingly difficult for them to start a new relationship or even to continue the ongoing relationships. All these make this time as the most challenging times of a person in which one is exposed to the reality and world in full essence for the first time.

Academic Challenges That Are Faced By College Students

Apart from the above mentioned challenges an individual faces a lot of other problems that are directly related to the academics during their college life. First and foremost one needs to learn and understand a number of new concepts and techniques that each subject teaches. Unfortunately that is the way the system is when the teacher or the professor who teach all these subjects do not haven understanding of the other subject but they expect us to master al the subjects. In fact it is an irony that they themselves are not well versed in the subjects that are not their own. However the reality cannot be denied and we must accept it. Secondly we are expected to write our own technical paper after a research project and then submit the thesis in the college after the sophomore year. We are also expected to present these papers at any conventions like symposiums and educational meets. When we are expected to publish a paper all that our mind could think is I would be happy if someone could write my paper for me. This is not the kneejerk reaction of the newcomers but even the experienced person in the final year of the college feel the same way.

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