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Our beauty standards today.

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There is something about having dark skin on a women's body, that shapes the way she moves through the world.
There is something about having dark skin on a male's body, that shapes the way he moves through the world.

From what I  see growing up, dark skin equates to being poor, ugly, dirty, rat-sh*t, they tend to be bad guys in pretty almost all movies. That that doesn't make any sense.

Could it be that something as early as colonization (or) slavery is primarily responsible for our beauty standards today?

In Dominican society, there is a phrase "Mejorando La Raza" which means if you are lighter you're better in the race. You are better in society, versus if you're just being you.

It feels ugly being a darker skin tone! And the whole general idea is if your lighter, you will have a better life.
You'll have somebody that's gonna care for you.
It is painful and it hurts. It's something that we don't usually talk about because we are afraid that we are making people uncomfortable. But it is something that affects almost every aspect of life.

How do we fix this?
We think critically about colourism, But
we should think about where it began,
and where it begins and ends with us.

Change starts with providing more diversity,
providing more examples of it.

If I could give a message to somebody who's kind of looking at himself and feeling insecure.
Just know, you beautiful. Believe in yourself. Just be you.
You are perfect just the way you are.
And it is something that everyone should say to themselves.

And your skin colour is a gift, it's not a blemish.
One day you will look in the mirror and you'll be proud of who you are, it will make sense then. And simply all the other voices will go away. And all that gonna be left is you. #You

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