YES for Athan in Windsor Mosques

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This petition has been created in order to continue allowing the call to prayer in the city of Windsor, Ontario. Similar to our fellow Christian and Catholic brothers who ring their church bells three times per day inviting their people to recite a prayer, Muslims too would like to hear their call to prayer at the time of sunset. The call to prayer known as “Athan” means _announcing_, indicating to listeners that evening prayer time has begun. As a country that thrives off of cultural diversity, it is important that Muslims too have the opportunity to hear their call to prayer as well.
A small group of residents in Windsor are petitioning against this call to prayer. As per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, we are simply practicing our right to freedom of religion and belief with absolutely no harm to the surrounding people.
*To clarify, the call to prayer is a harmless action that does not require gatherings of any sort. A single individual recites the call, and people then would conduct prayers in their own homes.*