Pledge to End Racism! 'Heartbroken' Mahopac basketball coach resigns!

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Sandra Bernabei started this petition to AntiRacist Alliance People of Westchester and Putnam Counties who believe in Dignity for All

Take a Pledge to support the goal and principles of anti-racism education and work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.  Sign the Dignity for All Petition and Speak up!

Intentional and ongoing efforts to understand and dismantle racism will move us closer to “Dignity for All” and the American dream will be within our collective grasps.

The recent waving of a Confederate flag at the County Center during a Section 1 high school semifinal boys basketball game, along with racially derogatory comments said to students and posted on Twitter after the game, calls upon us to reflect on the things done and said and what lives beneath the surface and unspoken in public. What we have experienced is the destructive nature of internalized racism.  It is alive and well in our country, our people, our communities.  

We must address the culture that feeds and sustains racism like groundwater. Hyper segregated communities fall short in raising citizens to lead a multiracial world.   Communities such as Mahopac, 93% white, and Mt Vernon, 78 % people of color, need more than sports time opportunities to develop respectful relationships across race lines.

When confronted with hateful language, the Mt. Vernon boys basketball team responded by maintaining their composure and playing the game.  Our citizenry will ultimately be indebted to the boys who were socialized to internalize bigotry and hatred and felt it acceptable to tweet their comments. The actions of those who considered themselves supporters of the Mahopac basketball team brought us to this point and now that it is all out in the open, we can begin the work of “undoing” racism which will eventually strengthen all of us, one community at a time.

That racism exists does not surprise those residents of Westchester and the Hudson Valley who deal with its repercussions everyday, nor those who have been educated to have an understanding of the historical foundations of racism in the United States.  Without active and ongoing efforts to understand and dismantle racism, it will continue to ambush people and flagrantly terrorize all of us while putting the American dream further from our collective grasps.

The Anti-Racist Alliance of Westchester recommends that the leaders and members of Putnam and Westchester County organizations, including municipalities, departments of law enforcement, schools, service, and faith organizations create a pro-active and pro-social community response that will inspire the growth and development of knowledge, ability, and commitment to make positive change and undo racism.

Actions listed below can be undertaken by youth organizations, school boards, town, county governments, and individuals.  Take one of these actions yourself and bring one or more of these to your organization. Challenge yourself, your organization, and your community to work for racial equity.

1. Sign and forward this Pledge to support the vision and principles of anti-racism education and work towards eliminating institutional racism from our schools and society as a whole. 

2. Start a Community Read and Discussion in your community    Learn more:

3. Register for an Undoing Racism Workshop at

4. Review the mission, bylaws, charters, or policies or organizations you or your children belong to see whether these are expressly anti-racist.  If not, see to remedy this

5. Insist that your schools and government agencies have proactive strategies and plans in place to combat racism

AntiRacist Alliance Westchester, Blacks in Law Enforcement of America - Westchester Chapter, NAACP White Plains Greenburgh, WESPAC Foundation, Westchester Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Nonviolence, The Loft LGBT Community Center, YWCA of White Plains and Central Westchester


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This petition had 297 supporters

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