Daniel Andrews - OUT!

Daniel Andrews - OUT!

4 May 2020
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People of Victoria
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Why this petition matters

Started by Leonid Lurie

Education is essential!

Small and Medium Business is vital!

Daniel Andrews, you are responsible for the collapse of Victora economy, for the mental health of our kids, for the lives of millions who can't survive and feed their families because YOU CLOSED their businesses - the ONLY one source of income!

STOP imprisoning people at home!

STOP creating the dictatorship of communism!

OPEN schools!

Give our kids the opportunity to receive a NORMAL education!

OPEN businesses - STOP killing people by making them hostages of the government!

STOP taking out our FREEDOMS!

We want to live in a FREE country, not under your communist dictatorship!

Daniel Andrews - GO OUT!



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Signatures: 120Next goal: 200
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