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Stop Corruption! Give ur health a chance! Stop Agatha Carrington getting her instruments

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This is pertinent and even critical to service delivery here in Tobago...Everybody has a lot to say about Trump but are silent on this that would affect their lives directly...the issue of the new health secretary elect is like putting rat to guard cheese...I just did a quick google on the internet and the reporter's concern is right t- but his concerns are being dismissed it seems...Health and Social Care is all ah we business...and with this lady's history why is there not a demonstration to stop her from taking her instruments today....before more money from Chemo drugs is diverted??? People if you are shy about being seen in person at a protest ...let's start the petition online and stay anonymous in the petition.....Also, she is over 70, Is theTobago PNM saying that within their ranks, within all the people who supported their campaigns, that Tobago has so little skills and capacity they had to go to Trinidad to find a lady 70+ : of questionable integrity; to go against the THA Policy of month to month contracts for employees over 65; a lady who has not contributed to the communities of Tobago in recent history, who is most known for being a High Mother is Orisha Practices (and you now how that will be perceived in our Tobago culture!) ...they had to appoint her? Remember, even if we do not know the outcome of the Ernst and Young Report, the fact that she was asked to resign after the report suggests that it wasn't a matter of fact if it cleared her she would have been eager to publish it to defray allegations.....In addition, is this not similar to the situation faced by Fuad Khan and the St Augustine Private Hospital??? So why then are we willingly allowing evil to continue? Who do we then blame when we cannot get drugs and we wondering how the Takecare Health and Recreation Group goes from strength to strength...stand up for your health please!!

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