SELF ISOLATE. Please do your part to stop the coronavirus pandemic!!

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Each person can do their part to help control the coronavirus pandemic.  

The world has been threatened by a pandemic which we have not seen for over a hundred years. None of our leaders are prepared to handle the scope of this problem. Now is not the time to pass criticism to our leaders and the decisions they have made in the past.

I implore people who have power over their students, employees, constituents, and customers, to try to understand that this virus will not be limited by any boundaries and the best course of action is to separate people. This virus will be beaten eventually by the world health community coming together to heal the sick and make a vaccine. We will all practice the best hygiene and pray. As individuals we will do our best to LIMIT OUR CONTACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE BY PRACTICING SELF-ISOLATION AND SOCIAL DISTANCING is how we will limit the spread of this virus until scientists are able to make a cure.

To buy time for scientists to do the needed testing to treat this virus and make a cure, all people in this world should sign this petition and self isolate, to lead to the end of this pandemic. I am writing an open letter to the world leaders, and your signature on this petition will make it known that you are willing to make the necessary action to save countless lives.

Domenico Savatta, MD

Twitter: @drsavatta

Facebook: @domsavatta