Join "Global Ataturk Society" and unite to change the World to a safe and peaceful place

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Join "Global Ataturk Society" and unite to change the World to a safe and peaceful place

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If you believe in Ataturk principles as stipulated in the articles below, then join us:

1-    Peace at Home, Peace in the World,

2-    Liberty,

3-    Republicanism,

4-    Secularism,

5-    Mixed economy,

6-    Populism/Social state,

7-    Reformism/Revolutionary,


Erol Basarik (Economist) 

Administrative Board Member of “Ataturkist Thought Association” – England

Leader of Reform 2000 Party – England


Tel: +44 7939 438597  (UK)          Tel: +90 531 238 2610 (Turkey)



   Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) founded theTurkish Republic on the 29 October 1923 just after the first World War and towards the end of the Ottoman era when the new state was founded. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881 - 1938) started to introduce strings of revolutionary changes on the war-weary public who  were fighting against imperialism for so many years.

Ataturk was one of the most respected statesman and was even admired by his enemies during the last century. His motto was “Indepency is my character”. His political, economic and social visions were adapted in many countries as much as in Turkey. He had been a symbol for nations who wanted to gain their independency.

My aim here is to start an international campaign to collect at least one million signatures from people all over the World that would like to share the same ideas as those exhibited by Ataturk Principles.

I also would like to see (Ataturk Societies) established in contries that would like to live in a safe and peaceful World. Without the slightest doubt, in today’s World most sought after policy in the World is “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”. We are living in a World where war-mongers advocates aggression towards other countries and global terror threat is becoming very real putting more responsibility on our shoulders to fight them.

On October 29, 1923, the Turkish constitution was amended and Turkey became a republic. This formally declared the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Ataturk was named as its President. Ankara as its capital, and the modern state of Turkey was born. Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) on October 29, 1923 is celebrated throughout Turkey every year.

I have been encouraged by the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize which was given to campaign ICAN (International Campaign to abolish nuclear weapons). As people are getting more and more aware of Peace Works, one day our big dream may come true as we live in a war free zone World. That will make us feel all human again and all nations will become friends. My success will lighten the way for peace and it will be dependent on your support. 

Erol Basarik  

Please note you can either:

1-     Just give your signature to support my campaign for “Global Ataturk Society”,


2-     Be a leader and also establish an “Ataturk Society” in your country and inform us by      Email: 

Kampanya Kapatıldı

Bu kampanya 17.118 destekçiye ulaştı

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