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Petitioning People of the United States of America

Vote for a third party candidate.

Both Republicans and Democrats do not represent the people of America any more. Both lie and are corrupt. Both are two sides of the same coin. Both claim insiders are the problem, yet they themselves are insiders. Vote for a real outsider. Vote for someone who is not a career politician. Vote for someone smart enough with common sense to solve real problems instead of bickering. Vote third party.

Don't believe the claim of throwing your vote away. That is a ruse to force you into a false dichotomy. They are afraid of becoming a third party. It doesn't matter which third party candidate you choose. Vote for who you think is best. When enough people vote third party, it will really wake up the establishment, and they will start to listen, if they are still in power.

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  • People of the United States of America

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