People of the State of Florida v. Rick Scott, et al.

People of the State of Florida v. Rick Scott, et al.

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Dr. Reid Friedson and the People of the State of Florida started this petition to United States Justice Department and the United States Attorney General

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA demand the United States Justice Department immediately investigate and indict Rick Scott and Associates who evidently engaged in or aided and abetted corrupt racketeering (18 U.S. Code § 1961; Public Law 114-38) while conspiring against our civil rights and interests.

A long train of injuries and usurpations have led us to submit these facts as cause for redress of our grievances: 

1. The Governor’s abuse of power is not limited to unconstitutional breach of fiduciary duty, criminal and civil negligence, nepotism, and conflicts of interest. His Administration, its Appointees, and Associates have additionally engaged in unprecedented wage theft and unconstitutional union busting against the interests of Florida workers while committing statewide ecocide.

2. Florida leads the nation in political and economic inequality. All men and women are created equal yet the State of Florida is consistently disgraced with one of the lowest minimum wages in the history of the United States. We the People of the State of Florida indict wage slavery and the suppression of workplace democracy in right to work states like Florida. The right to form an union is a federal constitutional right violated by Florida and other states.

3. Florida's capital Tallahassee leads American cities in income gap and political and economic inequality. If Florida were to raise its minimum wage to $15 hour, the state Food Stamps site Scott's Administration oversees would not overload at cost to Florida taxpayers. Many hungry Food Stamps recipients are skilled and motivated low wage workers, veterans, active duty military, and the disabled. Never in Florida’s long history have more working people been forced onto federal taxpayer funded Food Stamps. The SNAP program is technologically and administratively confused to the point of starving the poor to death. Worse Florida's horrifying minimum wage policy deprives workers in Florida of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Florida's workers can't pay their rent and food costs. Never mind bills or student loans. The damages to the People's credit and dignity are catastrophic.

4. Florida ranks last in paying unemployment benefits earned by workers. The Florida state unemployment site constantly fails depriving industrious People of jobs, income, and statistical importance. Often frustrated ironically with a non-working jobs site, job seekers give up, and so their poverty and unemployment numbers go undocumented. Worse still, Florida provides the lowest unemployment insurance benefits ($228.51 per week) of all 50 United States and less than the territory of Puerto Rico and the federal District of Columbia because it is based on one of the lowest minimum wage rates in the United States of America.

5. Rick Scott’s Administration has also engaged with its Associates in state and federal constitutional violations requiring remedy by the state and federal judiciary which must be examined for financial misconduct and corruption. Discrimination against minorities, women, and Planned Parenthood as well as gay and transgender citizens has long been an unconstitutional policy stance for Rick Scott and Associates. The Governor has ignored the state and federal constitutions to use his public office to further his private agenda at the cost of the public trust.

6. Rick Scott’s policies have put unprecedented numbers of Floridians in private jails and prisons using body commissions. Suspicious deaths are increasing in Florida’s jails and prisons. Rick Scott has directly participated in conviction corruption that keeps frame-ups intact resulting in mistaken rulings and execution(s). Abuse and murder of civilians by police and resulting vigilantism is growing in Florida and the United States. Poverty and inequality enforced by tyranny foments rebellion and violence against the People's civil rights and civil liberties.  

7. In violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Rick Scott has wrongfully tried to drug test state employees using his executive influence to increase profits for his own wife's pharmacy company. This is clearly a nepotistic conflict of interest. Scott even signed an illegal executive order ordering drug tests for state employees. Drug tests are one of the more popular services provided by his wife's Solantic company. He’s also suggesting Florida do the same for welfare recipients which has been proven a waste of money and a conflict of interest. Apparently, Rick Scott would like to see more Floridians in profit seeking jails and prisons for drug offenses from which his family can personally profit. In summary, the Scott family profits on health care thru nepotism while denying federal health care subsidies for Floridians and this is a long standing pattern plaguing Rick Scott and Associates even on the local level.

8. Rick Scott is violating the public trust of a near majority who voted him into office. Even Republican criminal investigators are shocked at the criminal enterprises Rick Scott has led. His offenses are not limited to his $1.7 billion in Medicare-Columbia/HCA fraud which he and Associates embezzled from our sick elders and American taxpayers. Our elders continue to be fleeced of their money in the corrupt rackets involving nursing homes, probate, courts, and the state legislature. When Rick Scott has chosen not to remain silent under oath, he has committed perjury. Rick Scott’s hidden income and assets cause the People of Florida serious concern about tax evasion and warrant scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

9. We the People of the State of Florida demand restoration of our most basic and sacred voting rights infringed upon by Rick Scott, his Associates, Appointees, and the State of Florida. Evidence indicates Rick Scott, his Appointees, and his Associates even on the local level have engaged in elections fraud and deception not limited to voting machines and tampering with software. He and his agents have discriminated against African Americans and Democrats in the State of Florida in an attempt to unconstitutionally suppress federally protected voting rights.

10. Forensic investigation and close monitoring of elections processes and vote counting procedures by supervisors of elections and party and campaign officials with validation by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and Justice Department is warranted forthwith for past, present, and future elections in Florida. The Scott Administration has attempted to shift the immediate issuance of Florida drivers license identification to a two week delay. Rick Scott continues unconstitutional and regressive attempts to disenfranchise voters by trying to restrict identification used to vote in Florida. Lobbyists and vendors benefit while Florida's citizens suffer with violations of their basic constitutional rights. 

11. With rampant elections violations witnessed across Florida and the various states in 2016, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi requested and then accepted Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump's campaign contribution(s) of $25,000. Florida Attorney General Bondi then dropped her fraud investigation of Trump University. Donald Trump is currently facing at least two (2) federal trials for fraud and deceptive trade practices involving Trump University. Campaign contributions and sweetheart deals are key to corrupt racketeering in Florida. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated Trump University "D minus (D-)." Since the 2000 presidential election in Florida was stolen from the People, Floridians have been deeply concerned about voter suppression and elections fraud.

12. Rick Scott has moreover filed false financial statements for election(s) and he has illegally used his office to promote his reelection campaign. He has illegally used taxpayer funds to finance the distribution of campaign letters. The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) which Scott leads has engaged in illegal voter suppression and elections violations beyond simply costing taxpayers far more than the $11 million from conspired gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement.

13. The People of the State of Florida decry the negligence of the Florida Ethics Commission, the Attorney General, and Inspectors General most of whom the Governor appoints or directs. Some of Rick Scott’s clear ethics violations include using uniformed deputies as political pawns. Even the Florida Ethics Commission must admit Rick Scott is the only Florida public official to use “blind trusts” over which he actually does have knowledge and control. We the People demand a periodic and cumulative online, printed, and distributed list of all public officials in Florida and a detailed itemization of all their personal finances. This is called full disclosure.

14. Rick Scott’s conflicts of interest are legion. His deals raise serious question about the effectiveness of and corruption at the Florida Ethics Commission and the Public Service Commission which in many cases Rick Scott appoints. Rick Scott has moreover shepherded specialty contracts for Medicaid through his former finance chair. He has awarded state incentive packages to companies in which he has owned stock. Rick Scott has denied federal money to privately fund for private profit a high speed rail line linked to his former staffers. Rick Scott has even made the hugely profitable marijuana industry a state monopoly, a disposition the original Tea Party crowd protested thru patriotic civil disobedience in 1773.

15. Rick Scott has a stake in a $3 billion natural gas and oil pipeline venture he and his Appointees have backed. The hugely expensive pipeline will illegally destroy the Florida wildlife he has sworn to protect. Fossil fuels are negatively changing the climate. While failing to halt nuclear leaks from Turkey Point, Florida Power and Light (FPL) has attempted to charge its customers in Florida for fracking which they oppose. Still, sea levels are rising to dangerous levels. Yet Rick Scott has misallocated Florida Constitution Amendment 1 funds. He has used this set aside conservation money to replace out of date cars and repair roads. Rick Scott's Administration, Appointees, and Associates have egregiously failed to enforce the federal Clean Water Act. Instead, Rick Scott and Associates have accepted over $200,000 from US Sugar thru Scott's "Let's Get to Work" political action committee (PAC) since October. Rick Scott has violated our federal and state constitutions in pursuit of private greed at state and federal taxpayer expense. The result is a criminally negligent state of emergency.

16. Rick Scott has engaged in corrupt racketeering and mismanagement of Florida’s sacred trust----its lands, parks, and waterways including the Everglades. Under Rick Scott's direction in 2014, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) dropped its opening of environmental enforcement cases by 85%. The 2015 numbers are not yet available and we expect they will reveal further negligence and corruption. Governor Scott is unlawfully attempting to turn our state parks into profit centers. The Koch Brothers have destroyed public lands and education in Florida. Georgia Pacific, a Koch owned company, has polluted the St. John’s River. The Indian River and St. Lucie Estuary and other state waterways have become during Rick Scott's Administration toxic cancer causing poison to both people and wildlife. Rick Scott has maintained financial ties and a conflict of interest with the company conducting seismic testing to illegally frack in the Everglades, a World Heritage site, as well as the Big Cypress National Preserve---endangering people, wildlife, and our clean water supply. Rick Scott appointed officials and the Pacific Legal Foundation continue to over-kill and endanger our innocent fish, panther, manatee, bear, dolphin, birds, turtles, and sea grass on which the now hypoxic (oxygen depleted) ecosystem depends for survival. Real estate developers and political insiders are not environmentalists, wildlife conservationists, or natural resource experts and to appoint them to do such jobs has proven criminally negligent.

17. Clean water is a basic human right trampled upon by the scientifically ignorant, negligent, and corrupt Administration of Rick Scott and cronies in the Florida Legislature and Executive Agencies. Our waterways are now polluted with hundreds of thousands of dead fish which translates into billions of dollars of devastating commercial losses. Florida Realtors report losses from water pollution in excess of three quarters a billion dollars from 2010-13 in just two (2) Florida counties: Lee and Martin. The Florida clean fresh water supply has been brutally damaged thru legalized bribery, special interest campaign donations, and kickbacks, and it is high time the United States Justice Department end this corruption based state of emergency.

18. We the taxpayers of the State of Florida refuse to be billed for Rick Scott and Associates' crimes settled in or out of court. We demand Rick Scott stop taking Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) funds to pay his and Attorney General’s legal bills especially for out of state litigation. He has used state funds to provide private security for Republican governors who support his reelection campaign. We also do not want to pay for state officials trips to California and other states touting our horrifically low minimum wage in Florida. In light of Scott's highly questionable practices with economical and statistical data and repeated lying about Syrian refugees coming to Florida, we do not trust Scott Administration claims among others this was the best year for tourism in Florida. The governor also has overstepped his rights attempting to ban terrorized Syrian refugees from migrating to Florida (See: Secretary of State Kerry's letter rebuking Rick Scott for lying to the public).

19. We the People of the State of Florida demand the Rick Scott Administration and its Associates cease and desist in their rampant violations of the First Amendment and Florida’s Sunshine Laws. Open meetings and public records violations by this Administration and its Associates are not limited to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Commissioner Gerald Bailey. We condemn Rick Scott's taxpayer funded secret contracts like the one with Pitbull. Rick Scott has repeatedly and systematically violated the First Amendment rights of state employees even refusing to let them utter the words "climate change." We believe these are all signs of a pattern of unconstitutional behavior.

20. Additional blatant and widespread constitutional, statutory, and accreditation violations are witnessed throughout Florida’s state colleges and public universities, particularly with regard to adjunct faculty, aided and abetted by state and regional accreditors. Governor Rick Scott has appointed numerous corrupt state college trustees with conflicts of interest. At Indian River State College, trustees, attorneys, admin, and staff have long been violating state and federal laws and regional accreditation standards on transparency and civil rights. Indian River State College (IRSC) has repeatedly and egregiously violated its own IRSC Communications Protocol. Indian River State College even named a campus after the Florida state legislator most responsible for pollution of the Indian River in the 1990s. Thru counsel, the IRSC president and foundation and trustees boards have repeatedly refused to release on repeated request financial and other records as required by federal and state law or answer questions on the record. What are IRSC, the State of Florida, and regional accreditors of higher education with prejudice obstructing and concealing from the public's purview?

21. At least one Indian River State College adjunct history professor with 6 classes asked by email about health insurance during the Affordable Care Act controversy and thru immediate and swift retaliation lost his classes and livelihood to an instructor students say "did not teach African American history or women's history and taught mostly financial history." The IRSC Admin, the regional accreditor SACS, and the Florida Inspectors General never objectively responded without prejudice to this and many other documented complaints with evidence of Florida state college violations of state and federal law including obstruction of justice and concealment of evidence. This same instructor and Petitioner, was repeatedly denied requests for in class manual student evaluations from all his students by the IRSC Admin, so students were forced online to where they unanimously rated the adjunct professor 5.0/5.0 with unanimous rave reviews.

22. Petitioner Reid Friedson, PhD founded the Adjunct Faculty Union (AFU) at Indian River State College on July 9, 2013. Adjunct petitioner was then denied equal protection of the laws while trying to form a union at Indian River State College. The petitioner was refused by the Administration participation in an IRSC Campus Coalition Government "Open Forum" violating the adjunct professor's First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. Worst of all, not a single IRSC administrator has ever even seen the petitioning adjunct professor teach at any time during an entire academic year (Fall, Spring, or Summer).

23. A majority of adjunct professors surveyed at IRSC in 2012-13 attested they have never evaluated the college admin. Adjunct professors teach 75% of college classes at IRSC yet a majority of adjuncts surveyed graded the IRSC Admin a "F." Surveyed adjuncts often detail a lack of integrity and a grossly overpaid, arrogant, nepotistic, self-serving incompetence from the IRSC Admin. In 2013, IRSC was paying more than 131 full-time employees over $100,000/year with benefits. That's more than the United States Attorneys Office for the district. Meanwhile, community college presidents from this region of the country falsely claim the IRSC president is one of the best. Not according to many extant testaments from the college's adjunct professors and not from interviewed students reported to accreditors who negligently failed to mitigate damages. Note Petitioner was author and coordinator of the City College of Fort Lauderdale Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP). Petitioner Reid Friedson, PhD serves on the editorial board of the scholarly Journal for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness.

24. Rick Scott has furthermore settled numerous law suits for more than $1.3 million and they include open meeting and public records violations not limited to the Governor’s use of private email accounts for state business. Florida state colleges are, like Rick Scott who appoints many state college trustees, violating federal and state civil rights law not limited to open government, public records violations, and adjunct and student rights. Actions shown petitioner, adjuncts, and students in 2012-13 demonstrate IRSC is not the inclusive and healthy community claimed. Nepotism, conflicts of interest, and censorship are long standing documented problems at Indian River State College. Most adjunct professors are paid starvation wages that do not include any health care, Meanwhile most of our (adjunct) professors drown in student debt and poverty. Adjuncts were not proportionally represented or even represented at all in the IRSC Faculty Senate so the Adjunct Faculty Union (AFU) was organized in 2013, and this adjunct organizer was barred, blocked, and impeded from communicating and forming a coalition with IRSC Student Government officials. Such equal protection, First Amendment, and Sunshine Law violations remain a serious problem for the Florida State College System.

25. Rick Scott and his Associates have demonstrated a pattern of criminal negligence in which he has delayed or refused requests for access to documents, financial statements, tax returns, and other documents the People of Florida have a right to demand, access, and inspect. Instead Rick Scott and his Appointees have engaged in widespread concealment and obstruction of evidence costing taxpayers scores of millions of dollars. Indian River State College repeats these violations on the local level as trustees are appointed by the Florida Governor. In fact, Rick Scott's Appointments Office and Indian River State College have repeatedly failed to fulfill voice mail and written public records requests for detailed biographies of the Indian River State College Trustees. What are they concealing?

26. Rick Scott and his Appointees have engaged in private profit driven education malpractice and negligence. The overwhelming majority of Florida's professors (adjuncts) and teachers are paid among the very lowest rates of pay in the fifty (50) United States of America. The result is damage to Florida primary, secondary, and college and university students, teachers, parents, taxpayers, and the State of Florida in general. Rick Scott's nefarious brand of corporatization has deprived teachers of pensions and students, parents, and taxpayers of a corruption-free education. He has fueled the school to prison pipeline destroying the lives of our youth. The recent deaths of 40 children in the care of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is alarming especially since the Governor just laid off hundreds of DCF employees.

27. Meanwhile, facts demonstrate the Scott Administration has systematically and purposely ignored its duty to provide adequate care for our children and meet its legal and moral responsibilities. Rick Scott kicked 9,000 sick children out of the state healthcare system and then, in opposition to the unanimous vote of his own fellow Republican state legislators, denied the poor including children basic dental care. Rick Scott then proposed new corporate tax cuts while the state maintains a highly questionable budget surplus. Most disturbing and criminally corrupt is Rick Scott's dropping of forty (40) years of children's standards for heart surgery immediately after Tenet Healthcare contributed $200,000 to the Republican Party and another $100,000 to Rick Scott himself. Rick Scott is evidently a corrupt murderer of children. This is as bad as corruption gets. Rick Scott belongs in federal prison. This Administration is a prime example why money must be removed from our campaign system of legalized bribery and corrupt racketeering.

28. We the People of Florida do not accept the corporatization for private profit of our public educational institutions. Florida's recently privatized educational system leads to the bottom. State college and public university trustees, foundations, and administration policies and budgets must be intensively examined and made easily available online since federal funds, interstate commerce, and federal and state constitutional violations, massive student loan debt, and widespread poverty level faculty wages are involved. Many of Florida’s teachers are so grossly under-paid they quit in their first year of teaching. Most professors and teachers in Florida are paid starvation wages and they have too long not been paid in Florida and other states for all hours worked in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

29. Rick Scott has refused federal funds damaging the People of Florida. Governor Scott remains in contempt of the United States Congress still denying Floridians access to basic affordable health care. He has systematically deprived citizens of Medicare and Medicaid. 17,000 Floridians have died under Rick Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid to meet the needs of those who fall into the coverage gap between qualifying for Medicaid and the not so affordable health care coverage offered under Obamacare. Over 3,000 people die due to lack of health insurance every day in Florida and our state has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the nation. Over 1 million Floridians remain uninsured and 238,000 veterans have died waiting for health care. All Floridians including the poor and workers deserve access to real affordable health care that Florida Governor Rick Scott continues to obstruct and evade. Under predatory Administration of Governor Rick Scott, Florida has sadly failed to seek federal relief for our state's home owners facing foreclosure.

30. Rick Scott has evidently conspired to engage in criminal fraud and corrupt racketeering. He has engaged in deceptive and fraudulent practices harming the State of Florida. He has decried government waste while using $800,000 from the People of Florida to pay for decadent mansion upgrades. He has misused public funds allowing the Lieutenant Governor to bill taxpayers for his private trips to Miami on personal business four (4) days a week and only shows up for work four (4) days a month to collect his full salary from the State of Florida. The Lottery Department which funds Florida education most recently watched its head resign on evidence of fraud. Troubling are the at least 21 high ranking Rick Scott Appointees who have resigned, been arrested, or charged with fraud.

Conclusion: The evidently unconstitutional, unlawfully corrupt, unethical, and criminally and civilly punishable pattern of practices by Rick Scott and Associates demands immediate federal investigation and prosecution. We the People beseech the United States Justice Department to investigate and indict corrupt racketeering, constitutional violations, and statewide ecocide in Florida.

Rev. July 4, 2016

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