Impeach Governor Gavin Newsom

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Impeach Governor Gavin Newsom for his neglect to fix the roads of California, for his mishandling of the Coronavirus, for his tyranny of closing of businesses all across the State of California, and for his lies to the People of the State of California through his many unnecessary and childishly asinine media appearances, where he tough talks a TV and forgets that there are actual free—thinking humans on the other side of the screen watching him forcefully express his White Privilege over the citizens that are depending on him to protect their businesses and uphold his oath he took when he was granted a seat in office by his familial relative, Nancy Pelosi, and her overgrown super PAC.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is lying about the Coronavirus. The disease not only doesn't exist, but he's stabbing people with a q-tip and placing victims on ventilators which spread disease and viruses down your esophagus and this can be very deadly to someone with a weak immune system, no matter their age.

The amounts of people sacrificing their lives for something that doesn't exist is far too many. The hospitals are involved in the biggest scam ever where they're profiting up to 3x per patient, especially when said patient(s) received the unsanitary practice of intubation from their physician.

The profits could also include insurance scams as well. If we allow this to go on any further, we're only going to turn into New York, where Governor Cuomo has sacrificed so many people that they're keeping dead bodies in unrefrigerated uhauls, to where local funeral homes and crematoriums can't keep up. Is that what you want for the State of California? To keep collecting the corrupt State crooks money at the cost of real human lives?

They've promised us a paycheck to shut our mouths and keep us inside. Well, I say enough is enough of this dumpster fire. We must evict Gavin Newsom from Politics and charge him for his crimes of fraud on the American people.

A convicted federal felon donated more than four million dollars to influence California politics and the money was accepted by California Governor Gavin Newsom, the vast majority of members of the state legislature, and both major political parties. That felon is PG&E. Newsome accepted $208,000 from PG&E. PG&E influences our politics despite felony convictions and being blamed for starting fires that killed 107 people. While the wildfires across California were raging there's also speculation that human trafficking kidnapping was taking place. 

I can't actually believe the level of commitment to exercise the authoritarian overreach of this coward in office, Gavin Newsom, and the others who are continuing to carry the political extortion torch in the ways they're choosing to do. Seems the petition for his impeachment is giving this coward in office a whole different tone about enforcing a ridiculous "stay at home order."

Governor Gavin Newsom would rather continue to lie to the people of California. He says he's motivated by your health, however, the fact of the matter is clear that his motivation truly lies within his political overreach in an attempt to silence my presidential campaign, and I do not find this cute, funny, nor even acceptable at all.

This is an act of treason like never seen before, and affirmative action is and will continue to be taken, and the start of the impeachment petition for his removal from office is by far the least of any incumbent politicians' worries that care to continue to keep up the charades of a fairy tale virus that I'm sure doesn't even exist. Gavin has the audacity to suggest that he's going to enforce "community surveillance," however, I suggest that Gavin minds the business that is his job of fixing the roads & similar responsibilities.

Gavin, you and your constituents might want to choose a different target. The people of California are through with your game of charades and now the time has come to show your cards. Turns out that the tides are turning against you, Newsom, you're bluffing. The games up. Do you agree, or are you just going to sit there staring in disgust? Are you really going to allow a greased politician to control us using such wild methods of communism and socialism? Are you gonna just sit there and allow him to exercise authoritarian overreach and continue to grossly neglect not only the sacredness of a human life, but also the roads we drive our cars we're paying so much money to have on? Or are you going to show him what's up and let him and the rest of the incumbent politicians know that we're not playing around about our freedoms and sign this petition?