to stop corruption in the phillipines

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We all know that corruption is one of the most rampant issue mowadays.This is one reason why our country doesn't progress where in most citizens belong to poverty.Corruption situation in the republic of Phillipines has become increasingly acute.As it stand today,corruption can be seen to be the main obstacle to democratic,economic and social development in Phillipines ultimately threatening the stability of the country as Phillipines lacks the natural resources of some of it's neighbors,resulting in increased poverty and the acute need to reform.

In this concept paper we want to open up the reality and encourage everyone to speak out what they know to stop corruption for a brighten and succesful future.We hope that every individual are on our side.

Our project will be lasted for 1 month and we will upload it in and Facebook.We will also make a flyers which contains about our topic.We expect that would cost for minimal amount.For any question about our project,just feel free to contact our phone number,09975493067 or 09674293792