WE WANT IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN WARD 17,63,64,65 &,71...!!!!

WE WANT IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN WARD 17,63,64,65 &,71...!!!!

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Devan Govender started this petition to WE WANT IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN WARD 17, 63, 64, 65 & 71 and

Shallcross NEEDS CHANGE - WARD 17, 63,64, 65, 71 - Memorandum to our WARD COUNCILORS


1) Daily Water cuts needs to stop immediately. We want our local registered plumbers to take over all maintenances in the area and not an outside contractor. This is compulsory. All the pipelines need to be replaced with steel piping to avoid the continous breakages of the albester piping that needs replacing as it is over 50 years old.

2) All the pot holes needs to be fixed and the uncanny service providers must have their contracts revoked immediately. The uncanny contractors doing sub-standard work patching up the road surfaces must have their contracts ended .

3) Our grass cutting all over Shallcross must take place every month and not every quarter. We will sign off the monthly reports to make sure work is completed as discussed. We need a roster of the routine schedules that Shallcross has for ward 17,63,64,65 and 71.

4) Shallcross Road lights from Pompine River to Higginson Highway have to be fixed immediately.  All other non working lights in ward 17,63,64,65 and 71 will have to be fixed within the next 14 days which a reasonable time frame.  All the street lights on the link road must be fixed within the next 7 days from handing this memorandom.

5) All goats must be removed permanently and we will not accept any alternative solutions as all goats, pigs and other farm animals are not meant to be in domestic spaces.  The goats are being abused as they are living outside their natural surroundings and they are consuming human faeces plus garbage from the shack dwellings, which is animal abuse. The SPCA definitely will not condone this for any living farm animal. We are providing the municipality of ward 71 to have the goats removed within 14 days of handing over this memorandum. All monetary collections that are demanded to be paid by the mobs of people when a goat is knocked on the link road will be for the ward councilor's costings and not the resident that knocked the goat.

6) The stadium has to be fixed, lights and monthly grass cutting must be done. All the parks in Shallcross must be restored again for residents to use.  The rebuilding of the stadium must only have contractors from ward 17, 63,64, 65 and 71. We have fully approved contractors with all skills required to getting the stadium rebuilt.  It will also improve the unemployment in our area. This is non negotiable.

7) The high crime in the area must be dealt with by arranging a permanent police presence in the area  along with a satellite police station in Shallcross.  The satellite police station was promised to our area by Bheki Cele when there was a major hijacking that took place and a child plus a young father of two children was brutually killed on Himalaya Drive and Sierra Madre Street. These were two well known incidents in Shallcross that took place separately but made Shallcross become famous as a major crime hub.

8) The low water pressure all over Shallcross must be resolved immediately.

9) Local employment needs to be improved with hiring off people within ward 17, 63, 64, 65, 71 to work for the ward.

10) We demand daily cleaners in our area to clean up our roads in the same way the link road gets them on a daily basis. We demand that this is done immediately. 

11) All Shacks along the pavements including illegal shops must be demolished. All our legal by laws must be implemented on the link road with immediate effect.

12) All shacks must be removed and replaced with proper housing facilities. Every informal resident has a right to live under proper housing which was promised by our government. It is against their human rights to be living under these inhumane conditions. The right to free housing was a stance that our government promised it's people and the residents of the link road need this to be delivered to them.

13) All illegal electricity connections on the link road must be removed immediately.

14) The proper demarcation of the speed humps must be done immediately on the link road.

15) We require 24 hour security on the link road for the safety of our Shallcross residents. This is compulsory. We are giving the councillors seven days to come up with a plan to get 24 hour security on the link road.

16) The pool has to be fixed immediately and whichever company did the previous upgrades must be investigated for sub standard work to the pool. The costs to have this fixed must be billed to that contractor without any further costs to our ward.

17) Recycling areas all over Shallcross must be created. The recycling depots must be all fenced along with security to make sure the areas remain clean and to avoid illegal dumpers. This must be a private and government iniative. The funds raised from all recycling depots must be used to create employment and the financial gain from these recycling plants must be used to finance the area for various community projects.

18) The over flowing sewer issue between Golden Poppy Crescent and Sand Dollar Crescent is going on for almost 2 years. It must be fixed immediately.

19) All the by laws must be enforced for everyone living on the link road as they are legal South African citizens and the law has to apply to everyone living in ward 17,63,64,65, and 71.

20 ) All taxis must on the entrance of the link road into Shallcross from Chatsworth must be removed with immediate effect as it is not a designated taxi rank.

21) All houses must be installed with pre -paid electricity at the municipality's costings as the averaging of the electricity billing system is a huge disadvantage to our Shallcross residents as the estimate are incorrect on almost all billings.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!