Shashi Tharoor as Prime Minister candidate of Opposition Parties in 2019 General Election

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We need an able candidate to rival Narendra Modi in the next General election. The most suitable candidate I find is Shashi Tharoor as he is an able administrator, foreign policy expert with experience working as Under Secretay General in United Nations, a well know liberal person who has all the ability to run the nation.  A well known orator which is one of the most required skill to run the polity and lead the nation in the world stage.  For a country like India,  to be a more matured democracy,  we need a very healthy competition in General Elections. Or else it would most probably a one man show like in 2014. So let's support Shashi Tharoor as the Prime Minister candidate of the Opposition parties to create a viable alternative to our beloved PM Narendra Modi. Because it is the fight between two giants that can mould the future. So kindly support me with this petition.