Political Clean up

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We all face same issues being Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. But instead of fighting for the issues concerning we are fighting for useless things that are used for diverting mind from the topics that should be addressed. We are living in a society of contrasts where people kill each other for food choices but if a minor is raped and murdered we get explanations of it being a political vendata... We simply blame the politicians that they are doing wrong, we blame MLA and MP but who chooses those people?? It's us who are responsible for sending them to Parliament, it is us who give them votes and we are the ones who give them power and authority to take decisions on our behalf.

But we are so conscious people that we don't want to waste our votes so instead of voting for someone who is capable we vote for the winning candidate who has support of his goons or has  money to bank on. and then we cry for next 5 years. If we hire a maid at home we do a background check but do we bother to do background check for those whom we are giving authority to rule and frame laws on behalf of us??? 48 Sitting MPs, MLAs Have Declared Cases of Crime Against Women do you think they will ever take a decision against their interests?? Over 1,700 MPs and MLAs Face Trial in Criminal Cases do you think such criminals have right to decide your future??

From being appointed as a civil servant to be eligible for being a clerk one has write exams but is there no qualification or eligibility criteria needed for giving someone authority to rule you on your behalf??? If you don't take decision cautiously now then this thing will not change let other girls also die, bridges will collapse, there will be violence in the name of beef, society will be divided on basis of region religion caste colour creed.... And in no time India will also on the path towards becoming another war zone...

80% of youngsters in India use internet.. Let's make this petition to every Indians soul so that our India can become INDIA of our dreams but for that we have to take stand. We have to vote we have to choose who is going to rule and who is going to have authority to take decision on our behalf we should make a conscious choice..