People of India: #SendUnderwearToAzam To Change His Attitude Towards Women

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Why are you interested only in undergarments?

Why can’t you accept that our country’s woman are no longer “Abla Naari” (helpless woman)? Why do you fear women so much? Why don’t you realise that if women in your family hear the words you use, they will come down strongly on you?

You’ve been scaling the summit of politics and yet your thinking is caged around the undergarments of a woman, which is, by the way, only a means to cover the body. One that is used by men and is as important to them as it is to women. But you only mention women because of your patriarchy!

Please come out of this and accept that India is not a male-dominated country. It wasn’t in the past and it isn’t now as well. This was just propaganda of people who have always believed that women are inferior to men. To consider women as inferior is in itself a disease.

The statements of Azam Khan ji reflects that he has a problem with women being self-sufficient. The people who are worried about a woman’s undergarments are displaying their own character certificates. This also shows that there are many such politicians in our country who are worried about the rise of women.

They don’t want to see the rise of women. They don’t even see that the women of our country are now also standing at the borders for our protection!

They don’t see women icons like Indira, Nirmala, Sindhu, Saina, Aishwarya, Sushma Swaraj, etc, who have left no stones unturned for the progress of our nation!

What is more condemnable is the fact that an elite group of our society remains silent on such issues. In fact, some even applaud such statements.

Politics needs to be cleansed and it is the youth of this country who have the capability to do that. It is our responsibility that we raise our voices against such people.

Oh, youth of this country, the country needs you to speak against such acts. Rise and take the responsibility of our beautiful nation.

Join me in showing Azam Khan what we think of such comments. I appeal to the people of India to sign this petition and then send underwear to Azam Khan. By doing so we will be sending out a message loud and clear. Who knows this may make our leaders rethink their comments and change for the better.

#SendUnderwearToAzam because this might change his attitude towards women.

Ankur Tripathi ‘Vimukt’