Kindly Don't Fall Prey to False Propaganda on CAA

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Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is neither against the Constitution nor Secularism.  It is indeed an act which is meant to fulfill a solemn promise made by Independent India to take care and give asylum to the minorities (in Pakistan+Bangladesh) at the time of partition. Various anti-national activities condemning CAA, including the launching of petitions to this effect, squarely blaming the Government, are essentially meant to instigate innocent minds to create an environment of abuse and acrimony, instead of peace and harmony. 

It is highly unfortunate that not only the gullible but also some of the brilliant young minds of the premier institutions of our country, are being totally misled by media and miscreants to vitiate the atmosphere. We request the public, and particularly the student community, not to fall prey to the opportunists, who in the name of freedom of speech try to incite ideological wars as opposed to healthy debates, and thereby tarnish the reputation of democracy which we hold in high esteem.