India against pseudo fake liberals

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Friends and Fellow Countrymen,

Its that time of the year when we begin to choose a person who will lead the country for the next 5 years and usher India in to an era of progress and prosperity.

At the same time, its also the time when all pseudo liberals will start their protests against the man who lead the country in to a clean era of politics and high growth. It is evident that these people do not want India to progress and want us to be looted as we have been for the last 60 years. If they have the interest of India at heart, can they have a civilized debate on points which they think has hurt the Indian democracy.

No they will not debate because they do not have any points but the fact that our Prime Minister has challenged their pseudo intentions, they want to hit back by alleging him of things which they have no proof about.

I am sure that the people of India see through the sinister design of these pseudo liberals and ensure that we hit back to these guys who want to hurt our motherland.

I am all for debate and questioning but abusing the Prime Minister of India who has been chose by millions of people is not civilized or acceptable.

Join me in signing this petition so we can show these fake people that we, the people of India, stand by our Prime Minister.

Jai Hind