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Equality and importance same as that of Hindus for our Indian Muslims.

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India is a country of unity in diversity. Hindu people are getting more importance than Muslims and Muslims are getting much more inequality, unimportance and injustice from all side. If anything bad happens then people blame them as it's all by Muslims, they are terrorists , they are bad.. if any one killed then people blame as it's all done by Muslims.. if any fighting takes place. Yeah it's all by Muslims.. why do people conclude so badly on innocents.. let's blame those who are bad enough who commits sins who ever they are which ever religion they are but let's not blame particular religion people for some one's mistakes... i can see much more injustice to our Indians Muslims and that must be stopped. Search the injustice happening to our Indian muslims in google

Please do support to sign this petition.. let our India shine by its equality among all irrespective of religion. We all Indian and Indian Muslims must get justice in all way.

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