Choose The Government Which promises to make Digital assets fully legal in INDIA.

Choose The Government Which promises to make Digital assets fully legal in INDIA.

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Hello People of India. its April of 2018 exactly an year before general elections and till now Indian  authorities have spread two major FUDs regarding the dgital assets in this year.

1. "bitcoin will not be considered as a legal tender"

     (they don't need to mention this as everyone has basic understanding of what or what could or could not be used  as legal tender . bitcoin is just a asset like gold of some value in which lots of Indians have invested and are legally paying taxes on their capital gains.  are capital gains possible on legal tenders (Govt approved currencies) ?, this statements just spreads FUDs and and makes the gullible panic )

2. asked regulated entities not to support individuals or organizations who deals with this kind of digital assets. but they are planning their own cryptocurrency. so this decision so absurd and futile because as of now the trading pairs on major exchanges are fiat inr vs. btc but in future when banks will not support btc the trading pairs would be Indian crypto currency vs. BTC . so what are  they actually trying to stop ?

Rise of this crypto market or the digital asset market has created more jobs and has brought more money than the government supported startups could ever produced. some people are earning their bread out of it. instead of supporting this major technological wave they are opposing it and releasing absurd statements every alternate months.

Instead on banning or opposing this government should create awareness among the people according this as it could be better self employment than selling pakodas.

All the major developed countries has accepted this change and adapted its technology but India being a major democratic country is behaving like monarchy. we are grownup and mature adults we can decide where and how to invest our own money.

We the people of this country has the power to change anything we don't like so i request all of you to choose the government which supports this technology and digital assets like bitcoin. don't  choose someone who thinks they can BAN anything  because just they don't like it.

Let The Crypto Enthusiasts decide the fate of elections.