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Better working conditions for those who work and reduction in Unemployment

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Lately in India and in the world companies, Governments, institutions, factories, farms, etc. everyone has been focusing too much on increasing profits (or results in case of Government) and reducing the costs incurred. By doing this people who have a Job are being worked to the extreme while millions of people are rendered jobless.

The strategy of employ less people and overwork them, to get more profits has worked out quite well. The rich take home more, while the common man or middle class take home less or not at all. Even if the middle class are paid well like in Government Job, they get less and less times for themselves, their families and in general everything else. (If you do not believe me ask any person working in a Government Bank or Financial institution who have to wait till 10 pm in many cases for the daily closing).

This obsession of our Government, our bosses, our corporates, has to stop. I don’t want my politicians to say that there aren’t enough jobs so they are forced to resort to universal basic income, while those who work continue to perish in anonymous offices and factories away from their loved ones, working more than 80 hours a week in some cases.

I want our country to implement a rule that people cannot be worked more than 40 hours a week in offices and factories, even those who work for commissions. While in the short term this may seem to reduce income for few people (due to less working hours and less profits). In long term companies, Government, factories would be employing more people, thus those who have a job would be spending more time with their families, in their communities doing good things while those who do not currently have a job, would.

My suggestion is as follows:

1.       Government enacts a law stating that offices (both Government and private) can only make their employees work 40 hours or less every week.

2.       This would be checked through bio metric access log wherever available, while at other places signed attendance sheets of employee and/or worker counter signed by employer would be taken.

3.       In filing Income tax returns form 16 A given by the employer will have details of total number of hours worked by the employee and total amount paid to the employee given as per hour basis.

4.       Over time by the employer would be penalized to the employer at the rate 100% of per hour salary paid to the employee for hours worked by the employee in excess of 40 hours per week counted yearly. 200% from second year and 300% from 3rd year.

5.       For commission based jobs this would be relaxed to initially 55 hours per week, reduced to 50 hours per week within 5 years.

6.       For the worker being paid monthly salaries the employer would have to increase their per hour wage to match their previous 3 months’ salary, counted on a monthly basis.

Obviously this is not completely full proof and I would appreciate inputs from anyone who can.

But please see the ideal that, while initially people working in factories, farms, offices may face discomfort or reduced income, is it not better to earn 10,000 instead of 12,000 every month and watch your children play.

If you live in a big city, you already know that 2-3 hours daily commute, plus 12 hours a day, plus overtime on Saturday, plus extra day on holiday, where is the time left for family. Our profitable masters are destroying our families our culture. We work more, so that we can provide more stuff to our families, which in turn ensures that companies have to make more, which they want to do without increase costs on man-power and thus we work more.

Through this cycle we have made a generation of children who are consumerists, self centered and do nothing for the community because people in their community were working as they were growing up.

Has this worked out well?

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