Petition Update

The Battle Continues........

Fight for Tony, (AKA Mr. Softee)!!!!

May 6, 2013 — To Hoboken People: This past week, Tony (Mr.Softee) met in private with Councilwoman Jennifer Giattino, Hoboken Parking Authority, and others, to voice his concerns and to seek some help. He was shot down!! He was told that one person called the police department and issued a complaint. He was told he had to find a legal spot to park or he would receive a ticket and be forced to move. The problem with this city is that legal parking spots are hard too find for all; Therefore, he is forced to park where he is in order to earn a living. Basically, he was told if he did not like it too bad!! That is just great to a person, who has been serving this city for over 30 years, and he might be forced to leave, because this city does not want to help him out. What I find fascinating is that just today around 1pm, another ice cream truck was parked in his spot and this truck was not forced to leave! How fair is that? Tony needs our help for a designated spot in the park and Pier A. What say we?