Save Nanny the Alligator

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Brandon Ward
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On 8/09/19 an Alligator known as 'Nanny' rightfully defended itself from a vicious pit bull attack in Auburndale, Florida.

We believe it is unjust for this alligator to be euthanized as it was only defending itself from the vicious dog.

A wild animal should not be punished for protecting itself, it was encroached on in it's natural habitat and did what it had to do to not be killed by a pit bull (who was the aggressor).

If you believe in animal rights, please sign this petition.

In 2018 there were 3 recorded deaths caused by Alligators. In the same year there were 26 recorded deaths caused by pit bulls.

Pit bulls are far more dangerous and pit bull lobbies and pit bull propaganda is a leading cause of these deaths.

Source (pit bulls):,29%25%20(6)%20deaths

Source (alligators):

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