The right to own 6-10 backyard chickens or domestic fowl.

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Backyard chickens are a great way to reduce the exploding LYME disease carrying tick population, create a sustainable food source in times of economic dispare and education children on sustainable food, responsibly and life cycle.

Today we recieved a letter telling us to remove our domestic fowl within 14 days,  back dated May 25th, 2020.

We are refuting the order, based on several factors. 

1. The ByLaw is not clearly stated on the website under ANY searchable offense or under the "New resident handbook"

2. We live in RURAL ONTARIO.

3. With the explosion of the LYME DISEASE CARRYING TICK, backyard fowl are neccessary to help control the spread of this crippling and often uncurable disease.

4. Backyard fowl are a sustainable method of providing food security for families by way of producing eggs daily, a protein source when no longer viable and compost for vegetable gardens. Especially with exponential surge in cost of food, as well as food stability in general and during this pandemic.

5. Urban areas such as; Montreal, Gatineau, Brockville and various other townships within the Ottawa valley allow backyard fowl. As well as larger centres including but not limited to Vancouver, Victoria, Kelwona, Surrey, Toronto and Moncton.

6. If you do not keep loud fowl, contain the birds away from road ways, do not keep for monetary gain and keep the coop clean, these birds and their owners are not hurting the community. They are enhancing it by assisting neighbours with food needs and reducing the risk of developing lyme disease or other diseases carried by insects.

Ultimately a city of nearly 3 million or a city of  36,000 are allotted the ability to grow backyard fowl, but a community spanding thousands of hectares with a population of an amassed sum less than 6000 is not is utterly preposterous.