Let's get Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis to make barnsley town center better again.

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Having spent countless hours talking to people on how the face of Barnsley is changing, it's safe to say most people see it in a negative light. From gangs of males congregating and openly drug dealing, to people high on drugs or alcohol passed out in peel square. People are intimidated and concerned about their personal wellbeing. The police presence in Barnsley is virtually none existent and it's allowing the undesirables to ply their trade (drugs) and the drug abusers and alcoholics to basically hang on every street corner. I remember a time when Barnsley was a place of care free people happily going about their daily life. Now it seems to be that people only enter the town if needs be people don't want to see the kids see people off the head on spice laid out on floor and o.a.p frightend to go into town as MP of barnsley Dan Jarvis shouldn't be letting this happen so I think more signatures we can get the better then he might do something about it.