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Stop Child Labour in Coffee Production

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Dear reader,

I want you to support me in this cause by joining and forwarding this message to others. Child Labour is a social issue that needs the attention of authorities, respected countries and the attention of leaders in modern countries. Below is some background and research giving you further details regarding the issue:

Coffee in Canada:

Many of start our day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity on Earth, next to petroleum. Coffee helps the world get to work in more than one way! In the year of 2015/2016, the volume of coffee consumed in Canada amounted to approximately 4.55 million 60-kilogram bags.

Coffee Production Overtime:

Coffee “beans” are not really beans. Rather they are seeds found in the berries of the coffee plant. The berries are harvested from two coffee plant species, both native to Africa:  they are either evergreen shrubs or small trees that grow in shaded areas. Traditionally,  coffee producers have planted coffee plants along the Trees of the rainforest, which, in turn, provide shade for the coffee plants. The demand for coffee has grown, and coffee is now cultivated in over 70 tropical and subtropical countries, including many Central and South American countries.

The high demand has changed the way coffee is grown. For efficiency, land was cleared and coffee plants were grown in full shine on plantations. Clearing the land negatively affected plant and animal species that relied on the natural Forest; as well as other ecological consequences. 

Making a Change

As customers learn more about the dangers of coffee production, Methods of coffee production slowly begin to change (e.g. organic shade-grown coffee). However, not many people seem to address the issue regarding the child labor that going on during the harvesting process in locations like Coted'Avoire and parts of Africa. These children work from 12-14 hours a day and only receive a pay 3 to 4 times less than that required by the minimum wages law. 

What's the problem?

Coffee picking is exhausting work, and for a child's developing physiology the impact can be damaging. Long hours, hot temperatures, overexposure to sun and snakebites are a constant threat to the well being of coffee's children. Regular exposure to dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides (protective gear is uncommon) that have been banned in the U.S. are still used frequently in coffee production and pose another threat to children. Children are often malnourished and get sick easily, particularly those in the migrant workforce.

This a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Thank you very much for your support.

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