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People of America Call upon the Help of Our Government: Investigate the Corruption in the LAPD

This petition is important because it deals with Americans Civil rights. The rights for Due Justice, The right to be heard.

Letter to
People of America Call upon the Help of Our Government
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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President of the United States
We the people ask that our federal government look in to the alleged corruption of the LAPD. We ask that you take over the investigation and give the Americans their fair justice. We also ask that you investigate the alleged murder of Dorner as there seems to be sufficient evidence pointing towards that said. We ask that this be taken out of the LAPDs hands and hear your people. The oath of the LAPD is to serve and protect. We ask that you do just that. We refuse to be silenced this time, we are speaking now. We demand that a proper evaluation be done by officials who do not have conflicting interest. We ask the Media to investigate. We want the truth.

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