Make The Dunkells Part II

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A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....

Scout’s performance as Mr. Dunkell should have earned him an Oscar nomination. I felt sympathy for Gary Gunman. He was a young troubled man, with a possible drug addiction. All he wanted was a hotel room to snort cocaine and to inject heroin. He never got his hotel room...

The Dunkell family were all amazing! I felt sorry for the kids because thanks to Gary traumatizing them, they need all the therap they need and it’s not cheap. Pretty sure Donna and Donnie Dunkell will be getting a divorce.

If this sequel gets made, then the biggest answers will be answered like:

What happened to the body?

Does Gary Gunman get charged with murder?

Did the Dunkells ever get to stay in their hotel room?

Are Donna and Donnie Dunkell even married?

Did they kidnap those kids?

Is it actually a sequel to Two Girls One Stick?

In the words of Smokey Bear, only you can make The Dunkells Part II