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Stop using the phrases "No surgery!", "No gimmicks!" when advertising your Half Their Size yearly issue

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It is important to applaud and celebrate those who lose weight using the conventional, less invasive method, but why shame those who have chosen the weight loss surgery (wls) route in the process?

Not only does it shame those who choose surgery as a tool, it perpetuates societies negative view about weight lose surgery. It's about respecting ones choice, instead of putting them down for it. 

Pairing the phrase, "No surgery" with the phrase, "No gimmicks", insinuates that weight loss surgery is a gimmick, a quick fix, a cheat. By grouping the two catch phrases together you are leading readers to believe they are some how related, this is simply irresponsible.  

This petition in not about changing ones opinion about weight loss surgery, we are not asking anyone to understand or agree with the decision to choose weight loss surgery as an option, this is about not shaming this community of great people. It's about respecting ones decision without putting it down, without perpetuating the negative connotation that comes with having weight loss surgery and without passing judgement.   

We are not asking to be on the cover, we are not even asking you to feature a wls success story. We, respectfully, do not need People Magazines approval by way of recognition to validate that our decision to choose wls was the right one for us. We are asking that you be more responsible and sensitive when promoting this issue. As a major publication you influence millions, you shape opinions, you impact don't need "tabloid like" headings/phrases to sell this issue. It will sell on it's own because readers trust your magazine and because this topic resonates with millions. So please reconsider your headlines in next years matters. 


Diana Vogel, MS, MFT Intern

Weight Loss Surgery Patient & LA Marathon Finisher 

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