Lower Windshield Replacement Costs in Phoenix, Arizona!

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Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, Arizona is at an all time high! We live in a state with the highest amount of windshields replaced in the country. With over 10 million windshields replaced each year in Arizona alone we need lower auto glass costs. If it weren't for companies like Aero Auto Glass who will work with your insurance company and get you the best rates possible most of us would go broke from windshield cracks! The average windshield costs several hundred dollars and if insurance stops paying for that then most of us are going greatly affected. 

Did you know Arizona is one of the few states that require insurance companies to pay for your windshield replacement? Did you know they tried to get rid of the law requiring insurance companies to cover auto glass repair costs? The law is in tact for a reason because we live in a state that needs it. We need to stick together and keep this law together or else most of us are going to end up paying over $1000/year just on windshield replacements! 

Phoenix, Arizona needs to require insurance companies to cover auto glass or it is going to hurt a lot of people. $1000/year is a lot to pay just to be able to drive to school and work. So lets stick together and keep this law together!