No more discrimination from the Humane Society!!!!

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Since day 1. The Humane Society in kalispell, MT, has chosen to make it impossible for a family to adopt the dog/cat of their choice. People have put in applications for an animal and get shut down, even if no other applications were put in. Due to these animals needing "special" homes, just by saying those exact words, turns this into discrimination to the person/family who is just wanting to give the animal a loving home. Plenty of animals are left in there for months at a time, locked in cages, when they could be in a loving home, from all of the applications put in. There are a handful of dogs that have been in there for longer than 2 months. If we got it to where the Humane Society could stop being so discrimitive, then the animals would be in very loving homes, and actually made it to where a family could love for a rescued dog ! Instead of getting turned down, and practely being told their living style isn't good enough to love a dog.