Unblock activist and blogger from Pakistan Gul Zehra Rizvi’s original facebook account .

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Hello all , 
My friend Gul Zehra Rizvi from Pakistan is an activist and a blogger
Receiving death threats from Militants in Pakistan
Today her original facebook profile been blocked for 30 days !!!l I request you all living in and out of Pakistan to sign and share this petition . Gul is single handedly fighting this battle with Daiesh / Isis mindset in Pakistan . They have been operating in Pakistan in past by different names ranging from Sipahe Sahaba Pakistan to Ahle Sunna Wal Jammat to this time Pakistan Rah e Haq party . Gul filed the case against them in Courts but unfortunately , There’s no law and order in Pakistan and courts are allowing  that minset  to contest in upcoming Election of Pakistan , merely by coming up with new name for participating in elections  . 
Gul has  made a new profile for time being .
We request all Pakistanis living  in and out of Pakistan  to support our sister Syeda Gul Zehra Rizvi by adding her as friend and support her in her mission for raising voice against all innocent ongoing target killings in Pakistan including
Sunni Bralevis , Suffis , Hindus , Sikhs , Christians , Shias , Hazaras , Ahmedis

Her original account may seem active but she is unable to post/ comment or share anything . From Mrs Binte Kazmi, London