"Stop Dog Slaughtering and Dog Meat Trading"

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We are writing to you about a serious issue concerning to illegal slaughtering of dogs and illegal dog meat trading,  Slaughtering of dogs and illegal dog meat trading are one of the most common problem we currently facing here in our country,as a citizen and a dog lover we should not slaughter dogs or trade their meat because they also have role in this world, they also have family and most of all they are also created by our heavenly father.

Slaughtering of dogs are violating our law that is amended to us people in the Philippines, this law is R.A 8485 otherwise known as Animal Welfare act this law protects our animals from inhumane activities of the people towards the animals, please sign this petition in order for the dog slaughterer and dog meat trader not to continue in their wrong doings and also they will be convicted if they will slaughter dogs and trade dogs meat based on the law.

For some videos that is related to dog slaughtering and dog meat trading just click the links below: