Support the needy children ,orphans,street kids and kids in slums

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Love a child foundation Uganda is aiming at supporting needy kids like orphans,kids on streets and in slums..I started this organisation two years back and because of the passion I had for children inspired me to serve humanity heart melts when i         move on streets and kids are moving naked.starving with nothing to eat,sleeping in trenches and verandas at night with nothing to cover them and no one cares about their wellbeing .they feel so abandoned and rejected and with yo support we can be able to get them a home and get them a place to stay..take them to rehabilitation for those addicted to drugs ..empower the girls and boys with empowerment projects like training practical skills ..develope their talents and by this we shall be restoring their lost hope and love .every child deserves to be happy and have a good life .let's show them love and support .I want them to feel that there people out there who love and care for doing all these for them,they can be important citizens in future because they a leaders of tomorrow and children are a blessing..together we can change a life,u might not change the whole world but u can try to change a persons life...let's share the little we have and bring a positive impact to these homeless children."blessed is the hand that gives"..God bless u all as we bless the young generation.