Amazon, it's time to go Green,Reduce,Recycle and REUSE

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Today, for the 1st time I ordered groceries from Amazon(India)-Pantry. I was shocked to see the amount of air bags used as packaging, that came out of the carton. This made me regret buying stuff from Amazon.

Dear Amazon, We understand that you do it to ensure that the customer gets the ordered product unbroken, unscratched, unspoilt  and not spilled(for groceries).That's really nice of you. However, the one thing that we want to suggest is, can you please start REUSING these packaging cartons, air bags, bubble wraps etc.

I don't see why it can't be done. You have a system in place for everything;for speedy delivery, exchanges, refunds.You have a system in place for making money by satisfying customers. Both you and us (customers) gain from it. You have a planning and execution team in place to take care of services provided by you and also to study,plan and think of ways to enhance your services in future.

However, it's high time we start being a little less selfish. It's high time we add a 3rd entity besides you(Amazon) and us(customers) to the system under study.

Our planet Earth, on which both of us live and breath is reeling under a lot of pressure on the pollution front. I don't want to waste your time talking about the kind of problems Earth is facing. To put it very simply, I don't want to add this packaging garbage that I received today from Amazon to this pollution problem. My humble question to you is; how can you, as a multinational organization help? I can give you a few ideas. You have a brilliant delivery team which after delivering products, go back to the warehouse empty handed. They can take the packaging material back to the warehouse or some collection point where it can be reused. 

Or as in my case, groceries can be delivered in covered plastic crates. The seal can be opened at the customer's place. This crate can be taken back and reused more than once.

If my ideas don't make sense, please spend some money and pull in a team which can plan,come out with ideas and coordinate on reusing packaging material. Please make space in your website which says  "WANT TO REUSE". Infact to make people do that you should come up with AmazonPay credits. Just like you have a team for all other departments involving profits,security and customer satisfaction etc, I wonder why you need a someone to tell you your responsibilities on the 3rd entity, yet the most important one-OUR EARTH.  

Yours is a huge organization. You can make a huge difference on the 3rd Entity just like you are doing it for us. Please consider the 3rd Entity also from now while making plans.