Hindu girls are also human

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The problem is  rapists have no religion but harsh reality is this is valid only until the guilty is non hindu but when the criminals are from hindu religion suddenly the rapists become hindu all the bollywood start protesting all the pages of social media platforms but hypocrisy is this  they remain silent or they say that rapists have no religion. Why this double standards friends all are indians and i want you all to stand equally for everyone irrespective of caste colour creed or religion. Rapists have no religion! No more hypocrisy we will unite & end this.. #nation_first throw the pseudo secular lobby out of India.. We hindus will join hands in hands for throwing every anti national ideology out of my country!

I stand with my hindu sisters who were raped but still no media coverage because just because of anti hindutav ideology! We can & we will! 

Jai_hind India_first